Before meeting with our denturist, Paul Lalicata, be sure to check out the financial options of Complete Denture Center. If your insurance company pays for dentures, we will bill your insurance company on your behalf. You as the patient will pay out of pocket for the initial service, and your insurance company will pay you directly to reimburse you for your care.

Half of the cost of your oral appliance is due at the beginning, and the rest is due in full when you pick up your dentures.

To help you pay for your treatment, we work with CareCredit and MaineCare to provide you with affordable payment plans with low interest.

Additionally, we offer free consultations for your first appointment when you come in to talk about getting dentures with our team. If you are interested in these options, feel free to schedule your appointment or consultation today. We create dentures in Farmington and Dexter, Maine.